Das Schwarzzelt: Ein Dokumentarfilm über die mystischen Wüstenzelte der Yörüknomaden, The Black Tent: A documentary movie about the mystical desert tents of the Yoruk nomads.
Authentic Yoruk Black Tents Available

Together with Mehmet Simsek we accomplished to gather a team of old master builders to build authentic new Yoruk tents on demand. In 2007 the first tent was built after a pause of 30 years and in 2008 the master team decided to educate kids again in the old tent building tradition. Now, everybody can place a order of a particular Yoruk tent by us.

Anybody, who is interested, can order a tent now. There is even the possibility for the buyer to visit the families while building happens.

Approx. costs of one tent:
1.200,- € (incl. tax, excl. transport)

We are featuring Fair Trade and transparent costs to the tent builders and to the buyer. Please note, that this is a handicraft product which can only be performed when the families are fine. In case of illness of a family member or other bad circumstances, a tent building can be delayed or even be denied. In this case, the buyer gets the money back, of course. On the other hand, these conditions make each tent so special, as it is not an industrial product.