Das Schwarzzelt: Ein Dokumentarfilm über die mystischen Wüstenzelte der Yörüknomaden, The Black Tent: A documentary movie about the mystical desert tents of the Yoruk nomads.
Info about the Movie

Who does not know the myths of the orient, the stories of various nomadic tribes with their adventures, their honorable culture and their much praised hospitality? In most cases one only knows these stories from books and would not dare to think that these people can still be found today. But on the search for the last desert tents, the so-called "black tents", a young female student met the vital culture of the Yoruk nomads in Western Turkey.

Kristina Ambrosch

Over thousands of years the black tent helped various nomadic tribes to conquer deserts and mountains facing all obstacles and difficulties of a challenging environment.

They can be found in the Middle East, in Northern Africa and even in Tibet, the most eastern peak of their present distribution. Being rain-impermeable, windstorm-resistant, heatable by bonfire and in hot regions more cooling than modern tents, the black tent is still unmatched in its qualities.

But this old architectural style might vanish soon and by this, a part of the enchanting flair of the oriental cultures will be gone forever.

Thus, the student, an Austrian filming crew and a group of old nomadic tent builders decided to produce a movie about the making of the black tent for the very first and maybe very last time.


In this movie, they show us the fascinating sceneries of old goat farms, secret villages of the weavers, vivid bazar places and the idyllic mountain pastures of the Yoruk nomads in Western Turkey, where, for the first time after 30 years, a black tent gets built again.